Do you need a place
to heal your heart?

...the heart of your marriage
...the heart of your family?

Don Seltzer, M.Div., Pastor and Recovery Coach, and Janie Seltzer, M.A. Spiritual Director would like to invite you to the Hidden Life Hideaway for a restful and personal time together...

To begin a shift towards a new beginning!

A REVIVED HEART . . . no matter how hard, or empty, or frustrated it feels right now. BRING YOUR MESSINESS TO US . . . We will listen without shame or blame.

It is our intention and prayer to
with the same love that we have been loved!

“We love because God loved us first.” I John 4:19

What is the
Hidden Life Hideaway?

It is a safe, confidential, and personal retreat experience
-in beautiful San Diego County-
designed to address the needs of YOUR HEART,
Or, the heart of YOUR MARRIAGE, and/or,
the heart of YOUR FAMILY.

You bring all of your challenges and pain to us and we will come
alongside you with compassion and care in the loving
presence of God so that healing and restoration may begin!

When we arrived, our marriage and our ministry were in crisis and we were desperate for some healing to take place. Don and Janie's life experience, mixed with their intimacy with Jesus, made them gentle but powerful teachers. This "Come and See" experience not only began a healing in our hearts but also the heart of our marriage and ministry.

- Tara & Buck

Three days at the Hideaway rocked the Timm family world!  We’re a blended family, and like every blended family, we’ve had our challenges . . . But with focused time and attention to those issues with Don and Janie, we are experiencing lasting change.  We couldn’t recommend the Hideaway more!

- The Timm Family

The Hideaway is a safe, confidential and personal
retreat to begin healing.

If you are interested in a Hideaway experience and would like to get more info, ask questions and and discuss the possibility of coming, please click the button below to begin the conversation with the host, Janie Seltzer.


If you are interested in donating to Hidden LifeMinistries so that others can receive the help they need at the Hideaway, please click the button below to make the donation amount of your choice.

--Hidden Life Hideaway

What is the Hideaway? +

A refuge for the heart to heal!

A 3-day B&B Experience with the intention to heal the hearts of individuals, couples and even families.

Our intention for the Hideaway:
  • Rest and renewal of mind, body and soul.
  • Opportunity for personal & confidential sessions with Pastor/Recovery Coach, Don Seltzer, M.Div.  and/or Spiritual Director, Janie Seltzer, M.A.
  • Identification of interpersonal relationship snags & defensive walls that hamper intimacy.
  • Practice of healthy communication to navigate conflict and to increase trust.
  • A shift towards the healing of your wounded and worn-out heart.
  • Revival of  your personal spiritual life in the beauty and tranquility of a sacred garden refuge.
  • Restoration of hope and a foundation for lasting change.
Where is the Hideaway? +

The Hideaway is a Retreat House only a few miles from the beach in La Costa, CA. It is also home of Pastor Don and Janie Seltzer at 7218 Durango Circle, Carlsbad, CA. The hillside behind the retreat house was transformed into a tranquil Sacred Garden and outdoor meeting space.

What does it cost for an INDIVIDUAL to come to The Hideaway? +
Individuals have two options:
  1. Individual all day soul care immersion at the Hideaway @$325.  All inclusive except transportation.
  2. Individuals sign up for 3-day immersion in soul care at the Hideaway @$975.  All inclusive except transportation.
  • Healthy meals & snacks.
  • A well-appointed private guest room and bath
  • All materials
  • An afternoon and evening getaway to enjoy the sights of beautiful San Diego with dinner by the Harbor (included with the 3 day stay).
What does it cost for a COUPLE to come to The Hideaway? +
$1950. All inclusive except transportation.
  • Healthy meals & snacks.
  • A well-appointed private guest room and bath
  • All materials
  • A date night dinner with views of the beautiful Pacific coastline.
What does it cost for a FAMILY to come to The Hideaway? +
$2750. All inclusive except transportation.
  • Healthy meals & snacks.
  • A well-appointed private guest room and bath
  • All materials
  • A family fun getaway to one of the San Diego’s fine attractions:  San Diego Zoo or Wild Animal park, Sea World, Legoland and more!
How do I pay for my stay at The Hideaway? +

You may pay by paypal or check in several payments, or make a one-time payment in full previous to arriving. Because there is service being provided, your payment to Hidden Life Ministries is not a tax write-off.

Please call Janie @760.715.8851 to discuss payment arrangements. Partial scholarships may be available. Also, if you are in ministry, you should check with your ministry leadership to see if about help with coverage of the cost. Our experience shows that every ministry is more than happy to invest in the wellness of their staff.

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